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The common formula for success is: "Set a goal and a time-frame for achieving it." The goal is what you want to achieve and the time-frame is to help you stay focused on the goal. Perseverance brings success."

In the above statement, the term "time-frame" has conditions. Three basic elements must be under full control - skills, resources and support. A completion date cannot be established with weak or missing elements.

  1. Skills - knowledge, experience, natural talent
    Super achievers have ambitions and goals that are in harmony with their natural talents. Someone who has natural a talent for composing music will have a low efficiency rating developing mechanical designs. Someone who has natural talent for mechanical designs will have a low efficiency rating for composing music. (There are exceptions, but they are rare.) It is important to discover your natural talent and set goals that are in harmony with it. This discovery may be difficult, but it is generally related to personal interest or what motivates you.
  2. Resources - ownership, resources, money
    Money is a very important resource that must be managed wisely. You cannot control resources if creditors are in control. Super achievers have learned to live within their means.
  3. Support - people, organizations
    Socializing with people who have similar interest.

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