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Games Action Gratis for Handphone Java

Games / Permainan ACTION untuk handphone java symbian
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Wolverine: Mutant Armageddon
The funniest game in Star Wars. Lego Men sausage each other with laser swords, Lego Jedi fight with lego-droids. There is even Anakin Skywalker in the form of Lego-hero!

Wolverine: Mutant Armageddon

Lego Star Wars 2
The funniest game in Star Wars. Lego Men sausage each other with laser swords, Lego Jedi fight with lego-droids. There is even Anakin Skywalker in the form of Lego-hero!

Lego Star Wars 2

Time Crisis Elite
Japanese manufacturer of a huge number of well-known games, among which are the mobile game itself Time Crisis, but also continued the theme Takken "Crisis" and released the Elite version.

Time Crisis Elite

Fullmetal Fortress
Its armor can easily resist even antitank shells. Its engines can move even the piles of metal and armored cars look like toys standing next to it. It s a real mobile fortress and you are to control it!

Fullmetal Fortress

Moorhuhn DeluXe
In this hunting game, not everything is about shooting. Try to find all the secret puzzles to maximize your score!

Moorhuhn DeluXe

It’s a Java game based on the classic NES game Battle City. Remember it? You don’t? Heh! ...

The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk smashes onto mobile in a wave of destruction and kicks off an all-new, explosive and action-packed epic of one of the most popular super heroes of all time...

The Incredible Hulk - cell phone game

Army Of Heroes
Legions of skeleton warriors threaten the world! As the most powerful magician on earth, you alone have the destiny of Humans, Orcs and Elves in your hand!

Army Of Heroes - java cell phone game

In this 3D texture mapped game, you race against the best riders in the Black Hole Galaxy Gate, in the XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP of the year!

XtremeIgnition v.1.03 free wap java game

Aqualife X: Kingdom of love
This fascinating erotic arcade game will let you became a part of a wonderful aqua world. Became the largest fish of the basin and all the beautiful mermaids will be yours!

Aqualife X: Kingdom of love v.1.0 free java game for mobile phone

Mobile Cobra Strike
Mobile Cobra Strike Cobra Helicopter Strike against tanks and Prototype Ship

Mobile Cobra Strike v.1.0.0 free java game for mobile phone
Heli Rescue
Mobile Amusements presents the iMG Awards 2006 Top 20 Finalist 'Heli Rescue'. Have YOU got what it takes to be a Heli Rescue Pilot!

Heli Rescue - free java cell phone game

A horizontal scrolling shoot em up featuring yawbreaking graphics, big bad ass bosses and a skirmish gameplay mode that will generate new levels everytime you play!

BlackMetal v.1.7 free mobile java game download

Ant Bully: Calling All Ants

AntBully free wap java game

Army vs. Crime
You are a commander of elite division which fights against global terrorism and world crime.

Army vs. Crime action java game

Mobile Fighter
F18 Air Strike against Helicopters and Alien

Mobile Fighter free java game for mobile phone

Fighters - Zombie Generation v2.1.1. For two players in one mobile (1p x 2p) or 1 player x mobile

Fighters free java game download


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