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Kumpulan Games Seru Gratis

disini anda bisa mendapatkan Games dan Aplikasi CAMPURAN seru dan keren serta bervariasi
untuk handphone apa saja . format .JAR untuk Java.
langsung aja pilih dan download games yang sobat sukaa --->>>

Farm Tycoon
Feel yourself in the role of a farmer, feed the horses, plant fruits and vegetables, make money from it ...

Farm Tycoon

The Sims 3: World Adventures
Mobile version of the popular strategy game. In addition to the full story and career mode, we are waiting for new characters, quests, 52 new goals and 4 mini-games ...

The Sims 3: World Adventures

Angry Forces
It is year 2050. For decades the Earth is being torn apart by the war between the WGi and DCa alliances. DCa has decided to attack our bases and win the war ...

Angry Forces

You are a combatant of the army, the best that was created by science and technology – a cyborg. Sent to free the world from the evil spirits, you will have to combat real creations of hell, terrible monsters and mutants, semi-machines and semi-humans who completely lost their human qualities ...


RoboDef Mobile
Soldiers of the Army of the future - is mercenaries - operators of automatic weapons system.

RoboDef Mobile

Celebrity Quiz
Are you following the world of tabloids, movie, music, and sport celebrities? Show it! Celebrity Quiz Game will ask you "simple" questions and you have to find out what celebrity is in question.

Celebrity Quiz

Doodle IQ Challenge
Would you like to know if you are an intelligent person or a complete idiot? Try the Doodle IQ Challenge game where you will answer a series of simple questions.

Doodle IQ Challenge

The New sensations in well familiar! You played in plays of the similar sort over and over again, but you have not seen nothing like this. The Cubes, looking like small piece of candy, bouncily and springy fall; as soon as three cubes of the same color unite, they begin to blink and disappear, and player gets the points.


Dr. Brain - Fun Sudoku
Logic puzzle, square 9x9, 9x6 who need to fill in pictures or numbers on the following rules: in the free cells must arrange the numbers 1 to 9 so that every row ...

Dr. Brain - Fun Sudoku

Tropical Towers
Save the monkeys! Only you can help them in this revolutionary new puzzle game! Travel between five tropical islands, leading your tribe of monkeys...

Tropical Towers - cell phone game

 MTV Mobile
MY BUG is the first real time flea simulation for mobile phones. Become the manager of Jack, the coolest flea ever. Jack needs constant action...

MTV Mobile

My Bug
MY BUG is the first real time flea simulation for mobile phones. Become the manager of Jack, the coolest flea ever. Jack needs constant action...

My Bug - free java game for mobiles

Paper Planes
The game is perfect for just picking up and playing – players can choose to complete a world tour, with a host of different objectives that need to be reached – each requires a slightly different set-up for your plane...

Paper Planes - mobile java game

Casanova vs. girls
One young man also three fine girls in one smart apartment! It is possible to dream of it only and the Player should behave so that it was grown fond by three girls simultaneously and any was not jealous the others...

Casanova vs. girls - java download

Shrek The Third
Your favourite ogre comes to the small screen in the official mobile game of the highly-anticipated movie: Shrek the Third.

Shrek The Third - free java game download
Thumb-It puts your messaging skills to the test!

thumbit v.1.0 java game

FlashSMS Symbian Software
FlashSMS is the first Symbian Series 60 software able to send flash-sms without needing of any additional service. Nothing to configure, just write your sms and select the recipient.

FlashSMS - free symbian 60 software

ShootSend - Free Mobile Messaging
FREE mobile application which allows you to send pictures, voice and text messages to Skype users, e-mail accounts, as well as to other ShootSend enabled mobile phones.

ShootSend - Free Mobile Messaging v.3.2.2

Rushing Xmas
Xmas is coming. Santa is on his way, singing happily on his new motor-sleigh. He is so careless, forgot to tie the present bag, the presents dropped all over. That is too bad! What could he do? Please help him to get the presents back!

Rushing Xmas free cellular phone java game

Reporo - FREE Txt, Pic Msgs, IM and more
Free Text, Picture Msgs, Chatrooms & IM - MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and Google. News&Sport (BBC). Fully featured. No time limit. New features added each month: Babes, Auctions (EBay), secure wallet-based Shop (Domino’s Pizza, CDWOW, ..) and Email

Reporo - FREE Txt, Pic Msgs, IM and more v.3.10.3 download free nokia java game

MyWaves - Free Mobile Video Streams
Whether it’s professional programming, user-generated content or personal videos – mywaves delivers video content from the web to your mobile.

MyWaves - Free Mobile Video Streams - free java cell phone game download


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